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Short Hair Cut & Style        

Starting at $45

Medium Hair Cut & Style    

Starting at $55

Long Hair Cut & Style        

Starting at $65

Men’s Hair Cut                     

Starting at $28

Partial Highlights                  

Starting at $85

Full Highlights                      

Starting at $100

Tint re-touch                         

Starting at $75

Demi-permanent gloss           

Starting at $55


Starting at $55

Blow Dry & Style


Starting at $35


Starting at $65


starting at $55

Short Hair Up-Do               

Starting at $45

Long Hair Up-Do                

starting at $75

Bridal Up-do including trial

Starting at $150

Keratin or Brazilian Blowout

Rejuvenates while straightening and strengthening hair for up to 5 months. Penetrates throughout the hair shaft delivering important conditioning and moisturizing benefits. Helps make hair less prone to breakage and improving overall manageability during brushing

Starting at $350


*Color will be priced based

on amount of product needed.

It will be $24 per two ounces.

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