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Signature Massage  

Customized Massage with Aveda oils combined with pure essential oils from plant extracts. This aromatherapy and purification helps customize your journey. All modalities of massage are defined in the Signature Massage beginning with Swedish relaxation. Gently rolling into difficult and stressed tissues by using deep tissue therapy, our masseuses relieve muscle pain strain and stress tissues. Hot stones are gently glided, applied to ease the pain and soreness. Nothing short of a healing, holistic approach to this massage. Vanitosa sea salt oils are used to scrub the feet and lower legs.  Warming therapies to enhance this and ensure a refreshing relaxing  detoxifying and most of all magical  experience.

Price- $155

Swedish Massage

Our Swedish massage consists of long, smooth, kneading strokes to stimulate deep muscles paired with rhythmic tapping strokes to revitalize the topmost muscle layer. This combination allows the massage to provide a unique blend of energy and relaxation, perfect for an afternoon treat. Treatment time of appx. 55 minutes. 

Price- $95

Deep Tissue Massage


This deep-tissue massage involves applying firm, healing pressure to help muscles release and relax. Helpful in relieving chronic muscle tension, this massage is slow and therapeutic, making it an ideal option for anyone with muscle pain. Treatment time appx. 55 minutes.     

Price- $100

Hot Stone Massage 


Our spin on the classic hot stone massage includes therapeutic hands-on techniques with tension-releasing warm stones. While soothing the mind, this massage helps expand blood vessels and improve circulation, all of which work to promote deep relaxation. Treatment time appx. 90 minutes.       

Price- $125

PreNatal Massage

The body goes through innumerable changes during the course of a pregnancy. To help relieve stress and decrease swelling, we offer a massage specifically tailored to pregnant women. This massage involves specially designed pillows for comfort and can be extremely beneficial when the availability of medications and other treatments is limited. Treatment time appx. 55 minutes. 

Price- $95

Sensory Journey Massage

Dual spa service of a Swedish massage  with aromatherapy, a basic cleansing facial, and luxury mask. Combined treatment time of appx. 1 hour.

Price- $110

Aromatherapy Massage

Combined with a basic massage, aromatherapy helps to calm the mind, soothe depression, and ease anxiety. Depending on the essential oils used, the essences can treat the body in wondrous ways, from increasing circulation to clearing sinuses to boosting energy. Treatment time of appx. 1 hour

Price- $100

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu, the Japanese word for "finger pressure," relies on delicate pressure applied directly to specific pressure points along the body. When the force is applied correctly, these acupressure points are thought to release and thus encourage flow of the body's vital energy. Treatment time of appx. 50 minutes.

Price- $100

Medical Treatment Massage

Therapeutic massage based around medical conditions. Treatment of specific needs. Hot and cold therapies available based on condition. Must have insurance authorization for billable conditions. Only performed by an expert in Massage Therapy licensed by the state of Michigan.  

$150 per hour

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